Custom Nets

Made to measure custom netting. Custom sports nets for sports field barriers, tennis court windscreens, tennis court divider curtains, pitch dividing screens, netting behind soccer goals, spectator protection barrier nets. Golf impact netting for driving practice. Cat netting for cat enclosures.

We manufacture custom netting for a broad range of both sporting and domestic  net requirements. Our net solutions are designed and manufactured in New Zealand to your specific customised netting requirements. We will provide netting to exact specifications, taking into account mesh size, netting gauge and dimensions required.

Keep playing conditions optimal , we provide wind protection netting, divider curtains to keep balls on court, barrier netting behind goals to keep balls in field of play and barrier netting to keep spectators safe. Types of custom nets include:

  • Tennis Court Wind Break Netting
  • Tennis Court Divider Curtains
  • Soccer Goal Barrier Netting
  • Barrier Nets for Hockey Fields
  • Roller Hockey Safety Barrier Netting
  • Shot Put Enclosure Nets
  • Sports Boundary Netting
  • Golf Impact Netting
  • Cat Enclosure Netting

There is no limit to the types of custom nets that we can provide to keep balls within boundaries:

  • Divisional Sport Court Barriers
  • Golf Impact Netting/Driving Range Netting
  • Boundary Netting
  • Ball Control Nets

If your players are being affected by adverse sun or wind conditions on court, we can ensure that play quality is optimised through our Mastershade Windscreen solution. The windscreen prevents distractions in play by screening out wind gusts on sports courts and maintaining even air flow court conditions. The court windscreen netting provides an ideal backdrop for playing visibility.

Please contact us so that we can get an understanding of your netting requirements. We are experts in customised sporting net solutions and can provide you with the best option for your sporting requirements.

See the examples of the custom netting applications that we have already completed.

Soccer Sports Barrier Netting – St Kentigern

Hockey Fields Netting – Pukekohe

Tennis Court Partitioning - Waikato Tennis Centre, Hamilton