Mayfield Sports Warranties

We Supply Durable, Quality Sports Equipment made for New Zealand Conditions

Warranty and Terms of Trade

Mayfield Sports guarantee all components which have moving parts for up to two years from date of purchase. Mayfield Sports will undertake to repair or replace any damaged components in a timely manner for a period of two years from date of purchase.

The obligations under this warranty are limited to the rectifying or replacement of faulty parts only and do not include liability for any consequential loss or damage, cost or expense. The warranty is on a “back to base” basis and the purchaser will be responsible for returning the faulty goods to Mayfield Sports, should that be required.

This warranty excludes:

  • Wilful damage or damage due to vandalism
  • Accidental damage
  • Goods incorrectly installed or installed contrary to our instructions
  • Failure to follow maintenance instructions supplied with the product
  • Neglect of goods including lack of appropriate maintenance
  • Abnormal use of equipment in using the equipment for activities for which it was not designed
  • Abnormal or extreme climatic conditions 

The purchaser must notify Mayfield Sports Ltd of any defects or faults occurring during the Warranty period, in writing, within seven days of the malfunction.

Mayfield Sports guarantees Mayfield Sports Tennis Nets for a period of three years from date of purchase. This warranty excludes vandalism, intentional damage or abnormal wear.

We are a company devoted to service and customer satisfaction. We stand behind our products and therefore all care is taken to deliver top quality, durable sports equipment. If you are not happy with any of our products we will work with you to resolve the problem. Our aim is to have happy, satisfied customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once I’ve bought my new net, can you install it on my court?

Absolutely, we are more than happy to come to you and replace your old net. We can also replace your winder if necessary while there. Give us a call or email and we can give you a price estimate for this service based on your location.

How long can I expect Mayfield Sports nets to last?

All of our tennis nets are premier quality braided nets (not twisted) and have a UV treated polyester headband (not PVC) to withstand the weather and harsh UV rays. They are under warranty for three years but will last at least 10 years in outdoor conditions.
Many clubs around New Zealand still have our nets going strong after 15 years! Do not buy inferior quality twisted nets with PVC headbands as they will need replacing within 18 months due to our harsh New Zealand conditions.

Once ordered, when can I expect my new net to arrive?

We hold all of our nets in stock at all times so you can be assured of availability and immediate delivery. Our mobile aluminium tennis, netball (aluminium and steel) and hockey systems are also in stock at all times.
We manufacture our steel basketball systems to order and the lead time on these is generally four to five weeks.

What about custom made netting?

Any custom made barrier nets or curtains have a lead time of two to three weeks generally, and we can give you a more exact time frame when discussing the order.

Can you deliver mobile systems and goals?

We can arrange delivery as well as installation on site if required anywhere in New Zealand. Our Freight Forwarder is happy to quote for delivery so get in touch with us, no matter where in the country you are. If you prefer you can also collect from our South Auckland warehouse in Drury. All of our products come with comprehensive assembly instructions or we can give you a quote for our team to come and assemble the equipment for you.

How durable is Mayfield Sports equipment?

All of our aluminium mobile systems are powder coated and come with stainless steel wheels for ease of movement so will not corrode. All of our steel equipment is heavy duty galvanised steel and can also be powder coated if required. These products will last for many years so long as they are used for their intended purpose.
We have our mobile equipment, both aluminium and steel, in schools, clubs and public centres throughout New Zealand and they have given many lasting years of service to a great number of satisfied customers.