Premier Contour 42ft Tennis Net

$350.00 excl. GST

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A full drop net that is CONTOURED so that the bottom of the net is parallel to the ground for the entire length of the net. 

This net eliminates the gaps at ground level close to the posts that occurs with an uncontoured full drop net. The Contoured Net will give your court the ultimate finish. 

As well as being contoured this net has all the superior features of a Mayfield Sports Tennis Net such as handmade knotless braided mesh, double mesh for the top six rows, sun resistant polyester cotton head band with 4 rows of heavy duty stitching. Used at the ASB Tennis Centre and used for NZ's only international tournament. This is a premium quality double mesh net, get the best! 

Buy with complete confidence when purchasing a Mayfield Sports Tennis Net, you are buying quality.

CAUTION: Make sure when getting quotes for tennis nets that you are being quoted on BRAIDED nets with a polyester headband. A twisted net with a PVC headband will cost less but will look inferior and will quickly deteriorate in NZ's sun. Twisted tennis nets and nets with PVC headbands are a false economy.

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Why Buy Our Nets?

  • used for NZ's only International Tennis Tournament
  • we stand behind our nets, they are the best quality available
  • we sell only superior quality braided tennis nets
  • our nets are exceptionally durable
  • our nets all have a polyester cotton headband that will not crack in the NZ sun
  • our nets contain a 6mm steel cord top cable that set it apart from other nets on the market
  • buy direct from the importer and save

All prices are exclusive of GST


  • 3mm polythylene braided net

  • 4 rows of heavy duty stitching on head band

  • 42ft x 3.6ft (12.8m x1.06m)

  • Double mesh on top 6 rows of net

  • Fibreglass side bar

  • Full drop contoured net

  • Hand made knotless mesh

  • Polyester cotton head band white

  • PVC 0.5mm x 1½" bottom band, black

  • PVC 0.5mm x 2½" side band, black

  • PVC coated 6mm steel cord top cable

  • UV treated polyester headband

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