5 x 2 metre Soccer Net

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Soccer Net 3mm: To fit 5 x 2 metre Soccer Goal

This soccer net will fit a 5 metre wide by 2 metre high soccer goal. Constructed from 3mm polyethylene twisted 60 ply, coloured black or white.
Price is per net

Optional extra: Velcro Net Attachments that can be used instead of zip ties to attach the soccer net to the goal. These are more versatile than zip ties as they can be used multiple times. Perfect if you are wanting to take down the net and store. To shop click the link: https://www.mayfieldsports.co....

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  • Colour: Black or white

  • Material: Polyethylene twisted 60 ply

  • Mesh: 12cm

  • Size: 5m x 2m x 0.6m x 1.5m

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